Taste Trace

Clean Ingredients with a Story

Buen Sabor is a company that cares about the food you eat. We want to tantalize your taste buds, and give you a few extra moments to connect with friends and family. But we, like you, expect more from our food choices these days. Great food that makes you want to dance in the streets is a great start, but the story behind the ingredients is becoming ever more important.

We believe there is an opportunity for food companies like ours to be the farm-to-shelf connection for earth loving, farmers, growers and ingredient producers who are trying to do the right things. We work tirelessly to find these partners – and we figured if it is that important to us, it might be important to you too. Taste Trace is our way of introducing you to some of those partners who we love and think you will too.

Help Us!

As we grow and expand our products, we will ever be on the lookout for ingredient partners that are making a difference. If you know of a producer that fits the bill, please send us a note at tastetrace@buen-sabor.com